Travel Tip Tuesday

I’m looking for contributors to my blog.  I haven’t explicitly advertised it, but I’ve been trying to write travel tips on Tuesdays.  I hope that you’ve found the ones I’ve already done useful.  I have a few more in mind, but I also wanted to see if others have tips they would either share (by submitting a post) or that they want me to write about.  Is there a question about travel that you think I might be able to answer?  Ask it.


If you have a travel tip that’s worked for you in the past, you can email a submission to  Or, if you have an idea that you want me to help you refine email that too.

Each published submission will include information about the author and can include a link to a blog if applicable.

Questions or Ideas

If you have questions that I can provide tips for, you can either post your questions in the comments below or email them to me at

I look forward to hearing from all of you, so that I can make the information on this site as useful to my readers as possible.

Happy Travels!!!