Travel Tip Tuesday

I’m looking for contributors to my blog.  I haven’t explicitly advertised it, but I’ve been trying to write travel tips on Tuesdays.  I hope that you’ve found the ones I’ve already done useful.  I have a few more in mind, Continue reading Travel Tip Tuesday

Country Specific Entrance and Exit Requirements

US State Department - Chose Country

I thought I would share some information that helped me determine the entry and exit requirements for the countries that I’ll be visiting soon.  Initially, I thought it would be difficult to find this information, but it turns out that Continue reading Country Specific Entrance and Exit Requirements

Obtaining an Australian Visa

For my upcoming travels, I needed to obtain a visa to visit Australia.  This is the first time I’ll be traveling to a country that requires anything more than my passport.  I started my research at the US State Department’s Continue reading Obtaining an Australian Visa

Travel Vaccinations…Where to Start

Note:  This post only pertains to US travelers.  If you are from another country and have information, please leave a comment below.  Thanks! In the past when I’ve traveled the entire topic of “do I need vaccinations” has been a Continue reading Travel Vaccinations…Where to Start

A Useful Travel Item…The Sarong

My Sarong

I used to take a sarong when I traveled to use as a swimsuit cover up, but over the years I’ve discovered many other uses for it.  Now I take a sarong (and sometimes two) on all of my vacations Continue reading A Useful Travel Item…The Sarong

My Answer to “What Shoes Should I Bring?”

Ahun Sandals

In the past when I traveled shoes always seem to take up way too much room in my luggage.  For years I thought there must be a better way and yet I continued to travel with more shoes than I Continue reading My Answer to “What Shoes Should I Bring?”

TSA PreCheck

Part of the benefits of my Global Entry Card is access to the TSA Precheck program.  This program is available at selected airports for selected airlines.  At the selected airports, there is a special screening line for TSA Precheck participants.  Continue reading TSA PreCheck

My Thoughts about Maximizing Vacation Time

Chairs at Night

In 2012 I took my mom to Belize, my dogs and I took a road trip through Canada to Alaska, I spent a weekend in Portland, I thoroughly enjoyed a bucket list trip to the Galapagos and Machu Picchu, and Continue reading My Thoughts about Maximizing Vacation Time