Preparing My Home for Vacation

There are only a few days of work between now and when I board the ferry on Friday.  Finishing up the last few tasks at both work and home will keep me going full speeed between now and then.

I’ve previously shared how I’m preparing…

My Car

My Dogs


…for our upcoming Alaska/Canada Road Trip but I haven’t shared how I’ll prepare my home.  This list can be used any time I’m away from home for up to a few weeks.  For longer absences, I’d add a few more items to the list.

The House:
Arrange someone to check on house.
Notify trusted neighbors of absence, but limit the number of   people that know for security reasons.
Provide emergency contact information to the person checking on   the house and trusted neighbors.
Clean the house.  It’s   uplifting to know it will be clean when the trip is over.
Dispose of perishable items from refrigerator and countertop   (think fruit).
Ensure all garbage goes out for last pickup.
Put regular services on hold if needed (garbage, house cleaning,   etc.).
Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked.
The Utilities:
Consider shutting off utilities for extended absences (everyone should use their own judgment).
Turn heat down.
Turn hot water heater down.
Turn gas fireplace flame off.
Other Arrangements:
Arrange someone to watch pets (if they are not going along).
Notify veterinarian of absence and provide pet sitter with   veterinarian contact information.
Arrange mail pickup, hold, or forwarding (including newspaper).
Arrange indoor plants and garden watering (and/or setup   sprinkler system).
Arrange for a family member or friend to make emergency   decisions (pet health, financial, etc.).

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