Headed Back to Belize

It feels like forever since I’ve traveled even though I did visit my family in Alaska this summer.  I head back to Belize tomorrow and am excited to see my friends there and also introduce my friend Barb to this Continue reading Headed Back to Belize

I’m Home Party

My Pavlova

I had a few friends over to celebrate me being back home.  I put together a slide show of photos that ran on the TV while I shared stories of my travels.  The highlight of the party was sharing some Continue reading I’m Home Party

Take Off

I intended on being “on top of things” today and post about my packing (something I said I was going to do on Tuesday), but alas that is not going to happen.  Even after doing a “packing dry run”, I Continue reading Take Off

Laptop or iPad

I have a huge internal debate going on right now…should I take my laptop on my iPad on my grand adventure? There are pros and cons for each… iPad Pros Light weight and more compact. Safer…it’s not as obvious to Continue reading Laptop or iPad

It’s Getting Real

Just four days of work left (after today).  Everything is coming together at home and at work.  Now I’m starting to worry about all the little things that I’m probably forgetting to do. I’ve finished… Notified all my emergency contacts Continue reading It’s Getting Real

Preparing for my House-sitter

While I’m gone, on my grand adventure, I have a house-sitter who will also be watching my furry kids (Kinley and Aker).  In preparation of her taking over my home, I’ve come up with a short list of things I’m Continue reading Preparing for my House-sitter

Almost Making a Critical Travel Mistake

I almost made a critical error when planning my upcoming vacation.  It all started with what I thought was a 12-hour layover in Tokyo.  I was researching what I wanted to do since sitting in the airport for 12 hours Continue reading Almost Making a Critical Travel Mistake

Clever Travel Companion

Quite some time ago I stumbled across the website of Clever Travel Companion.  Their products looked useful, but it wasn’t until September that I finally decided to try them out.  I loved the “secret pocket” idea. I got the ladies Continue reading Clever Travel Companion

Travel Tip Tuesday

I’m looking for contributors to my blog.  I haven’t explicitly advertised it, but I’ve been trying to write travel tips on Tuesdays.  I hope that you’ve found the ones I’ve already done useful.  I have a few more in mind, Continue reading Travel Tip Tuesday

Country Specific Entrance and Exit Requirements

US State Department - Chose Country

I thought I would share some information that helped me determine the entry and exit requirements for the countries that I’ll be visiting soon.  Initially, I thought it would be difficult to find this information, but it turns out that Continue reading Country Specific Entrance and Exit Requirements