Beyond Grand Park

Beyond Grand Park - Rainier

One of my favorite hikes here in the Pacific Northwest is Grand Park and it’s one I do nearly every year.  But, this year we went a bit further.  Although the views at Grand Park are A…Mazing (look at these), Continue reading Beyond Grand Park

Favorite Australia Sunrises and Sunsets

Yamba Sunrise

I’ve already published my favorite sunrises and sunsets from Belize and New Zealand.  These are my favorites from Australia.  As far as sunrises/sunsets go and my trip, Australia got ripped off.  I missed a couple golden opportunities to get some Continue reading Favorite Australia Sunrises and Sunsets

Favorite New Zealand Sunrises and Sunsets

Raglan Sunset

I previously shared my favorite sunrises and sunsets from Belize, and here are my favorites from New Zealand.  Technically, a couple of these are taken the opposite direction to capture the glow. Bay of Islands Sunset Paihai Sunrise Raglan Sunset Continue reading Favorite New Zealand Sunrises and Sunsets

Favorite Belize Sunrises and Sunsets


I’ve admitted before that I’m a little nuts about taking photos of sunrises and sunsets.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from my recent trip starting with Belize.  Which one your favorite? Caye Caulker Sunrise Caye Caulker Continue reading Favorite Belize Sunrises and Sunsets

Rendezvous Caye Sunset

Rendezvous Caye Sunset

I accidentally found the missing piece to my tripod…thank goodness.  However for this photo I was still hand-holding my camera. I have so much to share about my three-day sailing, snorkeling, and camping trip but I need a bit of Continue reading Rendezvous Caye Sunset

Caye Caulker Sunrise

Caye Caulker Sunrise

Unfortunately I forgot a piece of my tripod, so my photography will be limited in quality until I get back in the United States.  Instead of finding some fun activity to do in Los Angeles, I will be tracking down Continue reading Caye Caulker Sunrise

Laptop or iPad

I have a huge internal debate going on right now…should I take my laptop on my iPad on my grand adventure? There are pros and cons for each… iPad Pros Light weight and more compact. Safer…it’s not as obvious to Continue reading Laptop or iPad

Mother Nature’s Mirrors

Heather Lake

Today’s #FriFotos them on Twitter is MIRRORS.  I immediately thought about a hike I did to Heather Lake this summer.  The water was perfect…not a ripple in sight.  It was the most beautiful lake I hiked to all summer.  It Continue reading Mother Nature’s Mirrors

Cold front Moving In

Frosty Pine

We have a cold front moving into Western Washington this weekend.  It’s funny how my definition of a cold front has changed.  When I lived in Alaska, it would be temperatures below freezing or even negative temps.  Here, the highs Continue reading Cold front Moving In