June 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #26

I’m very fascinated with clouds and I love the view from airplanes (even if I don’t really like to fly). There photos were taken shortly before landing in Anchorage, Alaska.

Flying Abover MountainsFlying Above Glacier

Flying Above Clouds




Week #25

It’s a good thing I didn’t set any rules for my Photos of the Week challenge. This week I want to share a photo and a video I took of a storm that moved in suddenly on Saturday. I know plenty of people think it rains a lot here and that it rains all of the time. There are lots of cloudy days and there are rainy days, but we do not see storms like this very often.

It's Raining It's Pouring

Week #24

I almost blew my Photos of the Week goal. This is the first week all year that I didn’t take a single photo using my Nikon. Luckily I took some cell phone photos and this one might be worth sharing.

I was feeling a bit disappointed to be returning to Seattle after a quick weekend visiting my parents, but the sunrise that greeted me helped a bit.

Puget Sound Sunrise

Week #23

I found myself back in Alaska this weekend to help my parents after they lost nearly everything they owned in a fire. While there I had a chance to get photos of some more eagles. Here are a few of my favorites. The first photo shows three eagles in flight (two mature and one immature) and one sitting…there was some fish parts to fight over. The second and third photos show an eagle that was giving me a piece of his mind…squawking like crazy. And, the last three photos are of eagles just as they were taking off. There were between 30 and 40 eagles within a small area on the beach. Lots of photos ops…hated to narrow it down to just a few. I’ll share more later.

Fish FightPiece of His MindPiece of His Mind

Taking OffTaking OffTaking Off

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