It’s Getting Real

Just four days of work left (after today).  Everything is coming together at home and at work.  Now I’m starting to worry about all the little things that I’m probably forgetting to do.

I’ve finished…

  • Notified all my emergency contacts (parents, house sitter, etc).
  • Preparing my house for the sitter.
  • My packing list.
  • A packing dry run (more on that tomorrow).
  • Scheduling all my monthly bills to be paid automatically.
  • My year-end tasks at work.
  • My work coverage plan.

I’m down to just a few details…

  • Notifying my credit card companies of travel.
  • Coping all my travel documentation…one copy for me and one for my parents.

What details do you think I might be missing?

One Reply to “It’s Getting Real”

  1. Don’t forget to leave a copy of your travel plans with your house-sitter and one with a friend here. You never know when that might be critical!