Where I’ve Been

Nowhere really…

Admittedly this is the longest break I’ve taken from my blog in quite some time.  There’s been a lot going on but most of it not very noteworthy, but I will write about some of my recent hikes soon.

There are some exciting things coming up over the following months all culminating in an epic trip in September.  So, I’m back.

  • In a couple weeks I’m headed to Alaska via the Alaska Marine Highway System and road trip with my parents.  I’ve written about the Alaska Marine Highway System before, but you can expect even more as we head north.
  • This summer I’m hoping to get plenty of hikes in, but also go on maybe one overnight backpacking trip.  This thought is just starting to formulize, so more planning is needed.
  • I’ll have a friend from Australia, who I met in New Zealand, visiting in July.  I can’t wait to show her the area and hang out with her.  I love being a tourist in my own town/area.
  • And now for the very exciting news…my friend, Barb, and I are headed to Croatia and Slovenia in September.  This is a trip we’ve been planning for years, but due to one situation or another we never got around to booking it.  Well this time, we already have our airline tickets, tour, and travel insurance booked.  So, it’s real…really, really real.  And, we are both very excited.  This will be my first adventure in Europe.

I might also end the year with a shorter trip around Christmas and New Year’s holidays, but nothing has been set yet.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of traveling, photographing, and writing.  More to come very soon…thanks for being patient.

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