When Nature Catches Your Eye…or, the Love Bug

I walk nearly every day at lunch as a means to escape and recharge from the hectic whirlwind of the office.  Luckily I can get to a nice trail easily, but it’s still in the middle of Bellevue, Washington with interstate 90 overhead.  And even so, nature thrives.

When I am in nature (even during my lunch walks) I try to be very observant of what is going on around me and yesterday was no exception.  From the corner of my eye, I saw a small reddish-orange dot on a green leaf and instantly new it was a lady bug.  I’ve seen many in my life, yet I still took the time to stop and “pay attention” to it.  Much to my surprise, it ended up being what could possibly be a once in a lifetime sight.  So, I pulled out my cell phone and captured the moment to share.  Seriously…how many times in life is something like this captured???  It makes me smile every single time I look at it.

Lady Bug LoveI hope it makes everyone chuckle a bit.

4 thoughts on “When Nature Catches Your Eye…or, the Love Bug

  1. Maybe he was just scratching the other ones back! Thanks for sharing the photo, your phone takes better pictures than mine, you can see them!

    • I know…right. I can’t help but smile/laugh every single time I see this photo.