Tropical Packing List

Documentation: Electronics: Clothing:
Driver’s License Alarm Clock (b) 5 Undergarments
Passport (a) Cell Phone & Charger 3 Socks
Photocopy of Passport (a) Headphones and Splitter 1-2 Capris
Money/Money Belt Nikon Camera & Charger 1-2 Jacket/Sweater/Sweatshirt
Notebook/Pen Waterproof Camera & Charger 1 Long Sleeve Shirt (c)
Travel Guide/Map Tripod 3-5 Tank Tops/Shirts
Airline Reservations iPad/Laptop & Charger(s) 3-5 Shorts/Skirts
Hotel Reservations Batteries 1 Sarong/Cover-up
    1-2 Swimsuit
    1 Pajamas
    1-2 Dress (d)
    1 Hiking Shoes
    1 Sandals
Personal Items: First Aid: Other:
Baby Powder (e) Prescription Meds/Vitamins Emergency TP/Facial Tissue (g)
Body Lotion Allergy Meds/Inhaler Travel Game (i.e. Cribbage)
Lip Balm Ibuprofen Airplane Pillow
Conditioner Cold Medicine Binoculars
Shampoo Imodium Insect Repellent (w/Deet)
Deodorant Aloe Clothes Pins (h)
Face Wash, Toner, Lotion Sunblock Clothes Soap
Magnifying Mirror Neosporin Stain Fighter Pin/Wipe
Hair Ties Insect Meds (After Bite/Benadryl) Headlamp/Flashlight (i)
Hairbrush Anti-bacterial Gel Mask/Fins/Snorkel
Razor Band-Aids Trekking Poles (j)
Soap Bonine (if needed) Water Bottle
Toothbrush Feminine Products Ziploc Bags (k)
Toothpaste Small First Aid Kit Clorox Wipes (l)
Hat (f)   Disposable Rain Poncho (m)
Sunglasses   Utility Knife/Tool
Clippers/Nail File   Zip Ties
Tweezers   Dry Sack
(a) Keep passport and copy separate.  If by chance you lose the original having the copy may make it easier to get a new one.
(b) In the US I leave the alarm clock at home and just use my cell phone.
(c) A long sleeve shirt will come in handy, even in the tropics, if there are bugs or chilly nights.
(d) A dress or two will come in useful if you need to dress up a bit.  And, sometimes the light-weight comfort is nice too.
(e) Baby powder or glide stick will help with humidity (especially if you are wearing a dress).
(f) Some people will use a hat for sun coverage.  I like to bring one in case a shower isn’t possible…great ‘bad hair’ coverage.
(g) Not all bathrooms have TP.  You’ll be happy that you have some when you need it.
(h) Bring clothes pins.  A lot of places have a line to hang wet suits, towels, and laundry but often the clothes pins disappear.
(i) A headlamp is handy for reading at night.  A headlamp or flashlight can be used in the dark when trying to find your cabana.  Or, for power outages.
(j) I used to make fun of people with trekking poles.  Five knee surgeries later they are a god-send.
(k) Who knows what you’ll need a Ziploc bag, but when you do you’ll be glad you have a couple.
(l) Clorox wipes can be used for dirty hands or things like remote controls and door handles.
(m) I use my rain poncho to keep thing dry more than myself.  Tropical rain can be warm, but it’s murder on a camera.
Some items I’ll wear to save space in my luggage.
Things I’ll pack in my carry-on. Some because they will be handy to have and others because they are worth too much to me to leave in checked luggage.

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