Three Creeks Goldmine

One of the adventures included in my trip to Australia was crystal hunting and gold panning at Three Creeks Goldmine.  This goldmine was run my a retired couple, Paul and Joy, and their granddaughter, Taylor, was also there for the summer.  It was like visiting friends.

They spend their summers living in a compound of trailers, sheds, and outdoor living areas.  It reminded me a lot of summer cabins/property in Alaska.  Everything served a purpose and it was a hodge-podge of stuff placed together to make a “home”.  Joy had painted everything to bring it all together.

Joy explained the history of crystals and the different types that could be found.  We didn’t spend much time looking for crystals due to snakes and the scorching heat.  It was by far the hottest day of my trip at 38C (100.4F).  Seriously, less than a minute in direct sunlight made me feel like my skin was on fire.

Joy and Taylor Explaining CrystalsAfter a kangaroo burger lunch (we purchased the meet at a local grocery store and brought it with us), Joy and Paul gave us a gold panning demonstration and we set about to find our fortunes.  Taylor, while young, was a skilled gold panner herself and she helped as much as she could.

Most of us found gold flakes, but unfortunately none of us struck it rich that day.

A huge thanks to Joy, Paul, and Taylor for the fun day (even with the scorching heat) and the treasures to take home with us.