There is a Lizard in my Bed and Other Fun Stuff in Belize

Day one started out excellent.  After packed flights from Arizona (Mom) and Washington (Me), there was hardly anyone on our flight between Houston and Belize.  Two hours of flight time with an entire row for each of us.  Airline travel doesn’t get any better than a row to lie down in after travelling all night.

Tash, our driver, picked us up in Belize city for our trek West to San Ignacio.  On the way she gave us lots of interesting facts about Belize and shared that she had found part of a Mayan spear while digging in her back yard (near Spanish Lookout).  It was actually in her glove compartment, so we were able to get a photo. She got it archeologically dated and now is working on getting it registered with the Belizean government.  If you find something on your property, apparently you can keep it but it has to be registered.  After that, she let us in on an amazing story that recently occurred in San Ignacio.  While digging up one of the main streets in town, the crew came across three complete Mayan pottery pieces along with some other shards and a male skeleton.  What an amazing thing to find.  Now the project has been slowed to ensure no damage is done to other possible pieces of history.  When we stopped by to check on our tours for the next few days we met the backhoe operator who made the discovery and also found out that Pacz Tours actually stored them for several days until they could get the Institute of Archeology representative onsite.  Now the pieces are in the Archeologist’s home undergoing additional study.  The Archeologist (or someone representing him) was also on site.  The whole town seems extremely proud of the find and they don’t even seem to mind that one of their major streets is closed down.  To read more, check out this article.

Tash later gave us a ride up to Xunantunich.  I will definitely write more about our self-guided tour through the site later.  And, watch out for a post soon on how to make Belizean stewed chicken with rice and beans.  I’m so happy Tash shared her recipes and we already tracked down one of the main ingredients.

As for tonight, I’m headed to sleep but not without explaining the title of this blog…YES…it’s true…I have a bedmate.  He appeared as I was lying down and is now hiding in the corner near my bedpost.  Or, at least I’m imaging that he is hiding there and doesn’t plan to snuggle closer in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow’s plans:  Tikal and Zip Lining in Guatemala

Future post to watch for:  Eating Our Way through Belize

2 Replies to “There is a Lizard in my Bed and Other Fun Stuff in Belize”

  1. Welcome to Belize! It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start. Can’t wait to hear about Tikal and your food finds. Have fun!

    • Do you live in Belize full time? I’m looking forward to Hopkins, but I haven’t had any responses to my request for snorkeling. If you have any other suggestions for people to contact in Hopkins I would really apprecaite it.