Wildflowers at Mowich Lake


This summer I hiked to Spray Falls, but we also took the opportunity to hike around Mowich Lake (both of which are in Mount Rainier National Park).  I thought I would share some of the amazing wildflowers I saw that Continue reading Wildflowers at Mowich Lake

Lake Tye in Monroe Washington

Clouds at Sunset

Our little town of Monroe, Washington has a little lake…a popular little lake.  It’s man-made is stocked with rainbow trout every spring, but it also has other activities like a walking path along it’s perimeter, a playground, a swimming beach, Continue reading Lake Tye in Monroe Washington

It’s Called a Snow Machine

I’ve mentioned many times on this site that I was born and raised in Alaska.  I’m quite proud of being an Alaska Girl.  I was also raised on snow machines and had no idea until I moved to Washington State Continue reading It’s Called a Snow Machine

Excited Wolves at Woodland Park Zoo


During my last trip to the Woodland Park Zoo I had the opportunity to see some very active wolves.  It took me a bit to figure out what all the excitement was about, but I wasn’t surprised to find out Continue reading Excited Wolves at Woodland Park Zoo

A Grueling Adventure…Bandera Mountain


It’s taken me a while to write about this hike.  The hike was beautiful, but it was a major personal challenge.  When I did this hike I was only seven months post my sixth knee surgery.  I’d done several hikes Continue reading A Grueling Adventure…Bandera Mountain

Northwest Trek

Bull Moose

I’ve written about Northwest Trek before.  It’s a great wildlife park in which the animals roam free (at least the herbivores and omnivores) and the humans are escorted through the park via a tram.  I much prefer this option over Continue reading Northwest Trek

Fall Colors

I took a hiatus from the blog this week due to a horrible fall cold.  I love this time of year, but I hate that many of us end up with colds due to the climate change.  With that said, Continue reading Fall Colors

Three Wildflowers

It’s Friday again and time for #FriFotos on Twitter.  In honor of it’s 3rd anniversary, today’s theme is THREE.  I’m so glad I found this wildflower in my search of threes.  I took this photo at Heather Lake, which happens Continue reading Three Wildflowers