It’s Getting Real

Just four days of work left (after today).  Everything is coming together at home and at work.  Now I’m starting to worry about all the little things that I’m probably forgetting to do. I’ve finished… Notified all my emergency contacts Continue reading It’s Getting Real

Preparing for my House-sitter

While I’m gone, on my grand adventure, I have a house-sitter who will also be watching my furry kids (Kinley and Aker).  In preparation of her taking over my home, I’ve come up with a short list of things I’m Continue reading Preparing for my House-sitter

Preparing My Home for Vacation

My Front Porch

There are only a few days of work between now and when I board the ferry on Friday.  Finishing up the last few tasks at both work and home will keep me going full speeed between now and then. I’ve Continue reading Preparing My Home for Vacation

Road Trip Packing List

This is a list of additional items I would bring on a road trip.  For a list of personal items, check out one of my other packing lists. Sleeping (a) Cooking Comfort Tent Cooler Camp Chair (c) Air Mattress Food Continue reading Road Trip Packing List