TSA PreCheck

Part of the benefits of my Global Entry Card is access to the TSA Precheck program.  This program is available at selected airports for selected airlines.  At the selected airports, there is a special screening line for TSA Precheck participants.  Continue reading TSA PreCheck

Obtaining a Global Entry Card

When I received my new passport it included brochures about several programs and one of them was the Global Entry Program.  I read the brochure and then checked out the website.  Until I learned about the program, I always wondered Continue reading Obtaining a Global Entry Card

Renewing My US Passport

Old and New Passport

I thought renewing my passport was going to be a bit of a drag.  I opted for the mail-in renewal because the thought of going someplace in person seemed like a waste of time.  I never knew how much I’d Continue reading Renewing My US Passport