Surfing in Byron Bay

While in New Zealand, I took surf lessons in Raglan.  It was fun and I did get upright on the board ONCE, but the fun ended quickly when a wave swept the board out of my hands and it landed square on my temple.  I tried to get up one more time, but the searing pain in my head finally got the best of me.  I figured I’d stop while I was ahead.

Having the first surfing encounter behind me helped a lot when I got to Byron Bay in Australia.  With the help of the instructors I got up several times and I even managed a few waves by myself.  I never imagined that I would like surfing as much as I did.  It’s definitely a sport I will be doing again.

Thanks for a dedicated photographer, I actually have proof that I did it.

Riding the Wave
I can only guess by the look on my face that I had just gotten trashed by a wave.
Yea…I’m standing upright.
Even the instructor is giving me a thumbs up (and sticking his tongue out).
Group Photo
The group that I traveled through Australia with and the goofy pose that Andrew came up with.

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