Sunset in Denali National Park and Preserve

Getting a sunset photo in summer (and even in the spring) could be challenging unless you want to stay up very, very late.  In the middle of the summer there would be a good chance of catching a sunset and sunrise within one hour of each other.  There wasn’t that much daylight while I was there, but the length of the days was definitely noticeable.


DNP - Sunset


DNP - Sunset w/Pink Clouds

DNP - Sunset w/Pink CloudsSunset Reflection

I found the reflection of the sunset on the mountains to be as impressive as the sunset itself.

DNP - Sunset Reflecting on Mountains

 DNP - Sunset Reflecting on MountainHeaven Rays

I don’t know what others call sunbeams that pierce the clouds, but my sister and I call them Heaven Rays or God Rays.  I loved these.

DNP - Heaven Rays

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