Some of My Photos are on Public Display

I’ve been absent from my blog lately, but I have an excuse.  As of this morning, several of my photos went on display at a restaurant in Issaquah.  They will be there until June 22nd.  At that time, they will move to a restaurant in Bellevue until August 17th.

I was so excited when I found out about the display that I didn’t even think twice…I jumped at the opportunity.  Little did I know how much work was in front of me.  I spent endless hours choosing (and changing my mind frequently), editing (and then re-editing), printing, wiring, and then today hanging the photos.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it was definitely more time consuming than I thought it would be.

Most specifically choosing 30+ photos was hard…what did I like most?…what would others like most?…which ones were the best quality?…what would the theme be?  In the end I was very happy with my selections…a bit of the Galapagos and Alaska with a dash of Washington, Belize, and Peru.  The majority are animals I’ve encountered on my trips, but I also included some landscapes and other photos I really liked.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief this morning when my mom and I walked out of the restaurant after having hung 22 of them.  The Issaquah location has quite a bit of permanent art to work around, so I couldn’t quite get all of them up.

I wanted to thank some people who helped me along the way…

  • Lisa at Pogacha for allowing me to display my photographs in her restaurant.
  • My friends Keith and Danielle for their amazing advice (Keith had his photos on display at the same restaurant a couple of months ago).
  • Taylor at Stretch and Staple who helped me through the printing process.  There is nothing like personal-local service when you are undertaking a large project.  I’m so glad I used his company instead of another online service where I never would have met the owner.
  • And finally, my mom.  She helped me put together my descriptor cards last night and then helped me select locations, hang, and straighten every single photo.  I seriously could not have done it without her.

To see all the photos that are/will be on display check out my “Canvas Prints for Sale” page.

I hope most of my local followers will check out the display.  I would love your support…and, your feedback too.

I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity.

7 Replies to “Some of My Photos are on Public Display”

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  2. Great job Pam! And I know where we’re going for our next happy hour 🙂

    • Let’s definitely go! My parents are in town this week, but next week would be great.

    • Thank you so much Steve…even if I don’t sell a single one I still feel really blessed to have this opportunity. I appreciate all your support and photo mentoring.