Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef

While known as the Belize Barrier Reef in Belize, it’s actually part of the Mesoamerican Reef System (the second largest in the world).  I’ve snorkeled this area many times over the last four years and this year I snorkeled it three times within two weeks.  I just can’t get enough and each time is completely different.  This year, I got up close and personal with both Green Sea Turtles and Loggerhead Turtles…to say that turtles are my favorite is an understatement…it was so hard to pick my best photos.  I also have a ton of video that I’ll share in a future post.

If you want my opinion, go with Raggamuffin Tours off of Caye Caulker.  They are not only snorkeling, but also sailing.  It’s an entire experience…reggae music, delicious (and filling) lunch, plenty of snacks, juice, water, and on the way back amazing shrimp ceviche and rum punch.  The crew is very professional and they never fail to point out fish I would have missed had they not been guiding the group.

Here are some of my favorite photos/experiences…

Loggerhead Turtles

Loggerhead Turtle Loggerhead Turtle Loggerhead TurtleGreen Sea Turtles

Green Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle Green Sea TurtleGreen Moray Eels

Green Moray Eel Green Moray Eel Green Moray EelNurse Sharks

Nurse Sharks Nurse SharksBlue Tangs

Blue TangsBlue TangsPuffer Fish

I had never seen these guys before.  They were very friendly and HUGE.

Puffer Fish Puffer FishSpiny Lobster

This guy was HUGE!!!

Spiny LobsterYellow Tail Jacks

Only the ones with yellow tails are the jacks.  They are related to Tuna.

Yellow Tail JacksCoral, Coral, Coral…and, Hidden Fish Too

Coral Star Coral Coral Coral Hiding Fish Yellow Tail Jacks Brain Coral Fish HidingI also saw Eagle Rays, Barracudas, Sargent Majors (blue and yellow), several kinds of Angel Fish, a Lion Fish (not native to Belize and considered intrusive), Sea Urchin, and many more.  This trip probably had the best snorkeling yet, but that may also be because I’m getting better at snorkeling.

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