Saying Good-bye to 2012 and Hello to 2013

I decided to say good-bye to 2012 and hello to 2013 in my own unique way.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have a love/hate relationship with sunsets and sunrises (I love them…they hide from me).  Some friends even teased me that they were going to start leaving me behind since the sun tends to hide when I go along.  Even with my history, I thought taking photos of it was the best way to say good-bye and hello.

Saying Good-bye to 2012

I left work a bit early on Monday so I could make it to Everett for the 426pm sunset.  I lucked out in a very good way!  The pre-sunset was even better than the actual sunset.  The clouds were AMAZING.

Everett SunsetEverett SunsetEverett Sunset

Saying Hello to 2013

I started to get concerned about my photo opportunity New Years Eve.  The fog started settling in.  The next morning I woke up and the fog was even thicker, yet I held out hope that it would clear up as I approached Snohomish (the planned shooting area) for the 759am sunrise.  At one point, during the drive, the fog began to clear but the clearing didn’t last long.  Yep…completely socked in!  The chase was on.  I drove until the fog cleared and then took a couple of side roads until I found a semi-decent church parking lot, near Lake Stevens, to shoot from.  It wasn’t the most spectacular sunrise, but I still had a blast making it work.

Lake Stevens SunriseLake Stevens SunriseLake Stevens Sunrise

What About You?

Did you say good-bye to 2012 or hello to 2013 in your own unique way?  If so, tell me all about it.


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