Road Trip Packing List

This is a list of additional items I would bring on a road trip.  For a list of personal items, check out one of my other packing lists.

Sleeping (a) Cooking Comfort
Tent Cooler Camp Chair (c)
Air Mattress Food and Water Camp Light
Pump Matches Citronella Candles
Sleeping Bag and/or Blankets Camp Stove  
2 Pillows (b) Sauce Pan  
  Frying Pan  
  Paper Plates  
  Napkins/Paper Towels  
  Dish Rag  
Personal Items Personal Safety  
Towel and Washcloth Bat (d)  
(a) I’ll be camping or sleeping in my car, so these items are must haves.
(b) On a road trip there is space, so why not bring two pillows and be comfortable.
(c) Again, a road trip has space, so bring something comfortable for sitting.
(d) Because weapons (including mace or pepper spray) are usually disallowed across borders my dad suggested a bat (expect the best; plan for the worse).

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