Proof We Made it to Belize

It was a very, very long night.  My parents flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles to Houston and my best friend flew from San Francisco to Las Vegas to Houston.  I luckily got a direct flight from Seattle to Houston.  We all met in Houston at 5am Central Time.  We left there at 8:50am and arrived in Belize City around 11:15am, but that still wasn’t it.  We took a prop plane to Caye Caulker (the flight was only 10 minutes long).  After getting a ride to our hotel, checking in, and eating the fun began.  Ok, the fun actually began with drinks during lunch.  🙂

Here is the first bit of evidence that we’ve made it to warmer climates.  We didn’t see an abundance of colorful fish like we will when we go snorkeling, but we still had fun swimming and spotting fish close to the dock.

Now it’s 8:15pm (which is actually 6:15pm Seattle time), and we’ve all been in bed for at least an hour.  We are exhausted, but after a good night’s sleep we should be revving to go again tomorrow.

FishNote:  This is the first attempt at using my new underwater camera (Nikon AW110).  Even though I forgot to set it to the “underwater” setting a bit of editing made up the difference.  I’m loving this camera.  In fact, I used it quite a bit today when I didn’t want to pull out my bulkier DSLR.

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