Prancing Caribou in Denali National Park and Preserve

Caribou are interesting animals.  I found out a couple new tidbits about caribou on this trip.

  • They have hollow hair which helps them swim and keep warm.
  • They keep two temperatures…one for their core body and one for their legs.  In extreme cold, they are able to redirect heat from their legs to their core.

At Denali I saw 35 caribou.  I’ll be honest, since they are migratory animals, it’s possible that I saw some of the same ones more than once.  My favorite sighting was when they were on the road.  They crossed back and forth in front of me several times.  The joy of Denali is being able to stop in the middle of the road for animals and no one getting frustrated with you.

Road Prancing Caribou

DNP - Caribou Prancing Across Road

DNP - Caribou Staredown

Grazing Caribou

DNP - Caribou Grazing

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