Postojnska Jama Slovenia

“Jama” is Slovenian for cave.  Postojnska Jama was the first stop after crossing the border from Croatia into Slovenia.  I was really looking forward to the cave.  Unfortunately it was prohibited to use flash or tripod, so I resorted to using my cell phone for all the photos…which resulted in some really horrible photos.  I picked some of the best to share.

Just weeks ago Postojnska was approximately 21,000 meters in length, but divers (in the river that carved these caves) recently discovered another 3,000 meters of water filled caves.There are really three levels of this cave system.  The first level has collapsed, the second level was the area the tour meandered through, and the third level is still being carved by the river.

To get into the cave small “Disney like” trains are used.  I expected to put-put slowly on these trains, but they moved quite quickly.  There were some low spots that even I ducked through.  I know some tall folks that would have to duck for sure and there are no warnings.  After debarking the train, an English speaking guide lead our tour through the huge caverns and stopped from time to time to explain the history and geology.  WARNING…the groups are very, very large.

The cost to enter the cave was 23EUR (approximately $25USD).

Postojnska JamaThe following photo was taken to show the scale of one of the largest areas inside the cave.  This was taken about half way down the “mountain”.  You can see some of the people from our group near the Russian Bridge.

Postojnska JamaA lot of the stalagmites almost looked like melted wax.

Postojnska Jama Postojnska JamaThis one in particular really caught my eye because of the soft pink color.

Postojnska JamaAnd finally, this one looks like a comical face with a huge nose (at least to me).

Postojnska Jama

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