Photo Journal of Ninichik, Alaska

As I sit here with my Milepost getting ready to plan my next trip home to Alaska, I can’t help reminiscing about my last trip through some of the photos I took.  These were pre-DSLR, so I’m hoping to get some better ones during my upcoming trip in May.

Bald Eagles at Deep Creek (Ninilchik)

I was worried they would fly away, so as I crept closer I took a photo every couple of feet.  In a lot of other places in the United States eagles can be elusive, but not in Alaska.  And especially not in locations where they have an endless supply of fish, as is the case at Deep Creek.

Eagle at Deep Creek

Eagle at Deep Creek

Momma Bald Eagle Protecting Her Babies

Funny story here. We noticed this momma and her babies while driving from Ninichik to Homer. I just couldn’t resist snapping a couple of photos, but I was unpleasantly surprised when the momma got a little tired of me and dive-bombed my head. It didn’t take me long to jump back in the truck where my parents were laughing hysterically. I couldn’t get any good photos of the babies due to my camera limitations and the fact that momma eagle had them hidden well.

Momma Eagle Being Protective

Baby Eagle in Nest

Launching Boats at Deep Creek (Ninichik)

There is no backing your boat in at Deep Creek.  First you have to deal with the large tide variances and make sure you get there at the right time.  Then they use these tractors to launch the fishing boats.  I experienced not only watching from the sidelines, but also as a passenger when I went halibut fishing.  The process is similar when they come back in, so the fishermen have to really understand the tides and have great aim.

Launching Boat at Deep CreekLaunching Boat at Deep Creek

Launching Boat at Deep Creek

Moose in My Parents Yard (Ninilchik)

My parents are lucky.  They live in the woods…literally.  So it’s not uncommon for them to have moose in their yard.  This guy was just munching away and didn’t care much that I was following him around with my camera.

Moose in Parents Yard

Wild Turkeys

We are not sure when someone released turkeys into the neighborhood, but they are not native.  I hear the meat is very tough…not like the Butterballs we can buy in the store.

Wild Turkeys

Baby Moose

A tragic story.  This little guy was at the base of a cliff by himself.  We can only assume he fell off the cliff and his Momma couldn’t get to him.  He looked pretty good when we saw him, but the likelihood that he would survive was very low.  We did call the Department of Fish and Game, but in most cases they won’t interfere.  We never heard one way or another, but now he can live forever in this posting and these photos.

Baby Moose Hidden Well

Baby Moose Zoomed In

Baby Moose Zoomed Way In

The Cliff

Clam Digging at Clam Gulch

At low tide Clam Gulch comes alive.  We used to go clam digging every summer when I was a kid.  I loved it even though I absolutely hate clams.  Back then we used shovels and it was my sister and my responsibility to grab the clam before it got away.  Today they have fancier tools that make it a bit easier.

Clam Digging

Photograph Details:

Where: At or near Ninichik, Alaska.

When: May 2008

Camera: Kodak DX7590 Zoom Digital (pre-DSLR)

Post Production: No edits.

7 Replies to “Photo Journal of Ninichik, Alaska”

  1. Loved the pictures. We get the bald eagles on Hornby Isld., B.C. & oysters, but no clams or moose. We get desert lilies like in El Golfo, but more profuse, & also chocolate lilies.

    • Thanks Carol. I’m so glad to see you are checking out my blog. The support means a lot to me. Are you in El Golfo for the winter? If so, I hope you are enjoying it.

    • Thanks! At the time these photos were taken I didn’t know anything about photography (I still don’t know a lot), but taking photos in Alaska is pretty easy. The beauty of my home state is amazing.