Photo Essay: Denali National Park

While Mount McKinley hid beneath a thick layer clouds during my visit to Denali National Park, I was still afforded amazing photographic opportunities.  I thought I would share some in this post.

Park Entrance

Denali National Park Entrance
The beautiful park entrance sign that welcomes visitors to nature.


Sunset Reflection
Turning away from the sunset brought into focus the reflection of the sun’s last glow on this mountain.

Denali National Park LandscapeDenali National Park Landscape

Sunset Rails
The rails look as if they are traveling into the sunset.


Denali National Park still runs an active dogsled kennel. This husky stayed alert and calm even with the flow of tourists.
Dall Sheep
This was the senior ram in the herd of Dall Sheep.
Prancing Caribou
Drivers must share the park roads with the wildlife. This caribou took his time prancing to the other side.
In the spring moose are shedding their winter coats and have yet to get their antlers.


Moss Ground Cover
The mossy, spongy ground cover blankets the forest.
Spring Pussy Willow
Spring pussy willows are a sure sign of spring in Alaska.



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