Olympic Sculpture Park

For quite a while I’ve wanted to visit Olympic Sculpture Park in Downtown Seattle.  I expected to see a park full of sculptures.  Instead there were a few interesting sculptures and lots of grass (by Downtown Seattle standards).  The views of Elliot Bay were stunning and the park was full of people enjoying the grassy space, but I don’t get the “sculpture” part.  I can only guess that maybe some of the sculptures come and go???  I’m not sure.  It’s a good thing it was a beautiful day and the bay was gorgeous.  Plus I enjoyed walking along the waterfront with one of my close friends.  The company was definitely the highlight of my day.


The two best sculptures (I only saw two others) were the roof (or buried house) and something that looked like a giant pizza cutter.  *Note:  I stand corrected…the second sculpture is a giant eraser.  Nice to know I have some friends reading my blog.  😉

House Buried Sculpture at Olympic Sculpture Park

Sculpture at Olympic Sculpture Park


The blue sky and wispy clouds made for a great view of the Space Needle.

View of Space Needle from Olympic Sculpture Park

Other Sights

The Seattle PI globe…

Seattle PI Globe

…and this one of the Stoli Vodka owners yacht.

Stoli Vodka Yacht

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  1. I totally agree about the company – it was the highlight of my day too 🙂 Plus I knew you’d get some great pictures – it was a gorgeous day!