It Was a Great Day

Today was such a great day and not just because it was my last day of work until January 27th.

Last night I made cookies for my co-workers.  I felt like putting a bit of kindness in their lives since they will all be holding down the fort while I’m gone.  I’m so appreciative of every single one of them.

My heart was also touched by their kindness.  Everyone encouraged me to have fun and be safe.  A couple even asked how I was going to come back after such a wonderful adventure.  One of the reasons I know I’ll come back is the people I work with.

At the end of the day, I got to leave early and spend some valuable cuddle time with my dogs (who by the way are snuggled up to me right now as I write this).

So, I want to thank not only my co-workers but my friends and family too.  All the encouragement is greatly appreciated.  I cannot wait to share all of it with you.  My heart is full.

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