Inspiration on a Water Bottle

Jana (bottled water in Croatia) takes the prize for “most inspirational water bottles”.  I really enjoyed reading my little note for the day.  Here are a few that I discovered during my trip.  An added bonus…it’s written in Croatia first…so, a mini language lesson.  Once you take a look at Croatian, you’ll understand why it took the entire trip for me to say “thank you” correctly.

20150917_071309 20150905_135434 20150906_213337 20150912_170057 20150916_130149 20150916_130159

2 thoughts on “Inspiration on a Water Bottle

  1. Thank you for sharing! Came at a good time!
    Looks like another amazing and memorable trip!

    • I hope all is well Debbie…I’m glad I provided what you needed. It has been a good trip, but I’m way behind on posting stories and photos…more to come soon. See you when I get home.