I’m Excited and Scared

This weekend I passed the two week mark leading up to my grand adventure.  In only have 12 days until I board the plane for Belize and won’t return home until I’ve been to Belize, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China, and Canada.

Aside from Belize, New Zealand and Australia the rest of the places are layovers…some of them short; some of them long.

Most of my friends know how excited I am.  I’ve been planning this trip for almost a year and I’ve been dreaming about it much longer than that.

My Trip
A graphic of all my flights. It even looks both exciting and scary.

But, as my departure date gets closer reality is striking in a very evil way.  I’m a worrier by nature and I’ll admit leaving my home for this long is really something to worry about.  I’m taking precautions so that my house-sitter has as few issues as possible.  Smoke detector batteries are being replaced, furnace has been maintained, dog food has been stocked, etc.

So, what am I scared about?

I’m scared something will happen to my family or dogs.  I’m scared that my trip won’t live up to my expectations.  I’m scared that I’ll get lonely.  I’m scared that something will go wrong and I won’t be able to fix it.  I’m scared that too much will change at work while I’m gone.  Basically, I’m scared of the unknown.

And yet, I cannot wait for November 23rd to arrive.  I know without doubt that I will figure out how to have the time of my life no matter what.

Ultimately, the excitement outweighs the fear.

I hope all of you will continue following along on this crazy, amazing adventure with me.

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