Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls is on the Boulder River Trail.  To Get there head east from Arlington, Washington on Hwy 530 to milepost 41 and turn right on forest road 2010.  The dirt road goes for 4 ½ miles before ending at the Boulder River Trailhead.  It’s only a 1 ¼ mile hike to Feature Show Falls.  Overly energetic hikers can continue for seven more miles to see more of the Boulder River Trail.  Check out Hiking with My Brother for more details on the rest of the hike.

Our destination was Feature Show Falls which cascades approximately 260 feet into the Boulder River.

Trail and Forest

Boulder River Trail   Trail to Campsite

Trees   Trees

Old Growth Stump

Rock and Fern   Moss Detail

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls   Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls   Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls

Notes of Interest

  • No trail pass required.
  • There is a sign noting “last bathroom facilities” before reaching the trailhead, so stop if needed.  Otherwise, there are lots of easily accessible hiding places for potty breaks.
  • There are no garbage cans, so take it out with you.
  • Go early if possible.  We got to the trail head around 8:30 am and others started showing up just as we were leaving.  By 12:30 pm, there were quite a few people on the trail.
  • The main trail was in good condition.  There were some down tree limbs, but only two that had to be stooped under.  Mud wasn’t much of an issue.  There is one steep incline, but it’s very manageable.
  • Getting to the base of Feature Show Falls is a bit treacherous.
  • There are camping spots along the trail.  The first one I saw was at the stop of the steep incline.

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4 thoughts on “Feature Show Falls

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  3. Pam , I want you to know that you have some really neat pictures & stories to go with them. Sounds like you have fun doing all of this.

    Love, Lois

    • Thank you Lois. You are a great support. It’s nice to know people are reading it and enjoying it. Mom said she couldn’t figure out how to leave comments. I told her you had it figured out. You need to share your computer skills with her. 😉

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