December 28th – Last Day in Yuma

It was my last day in Yuma and we started it with a trip to our favorite bakery, Goldsborrow.  We then ventured to downtown Yuma because Dad had found me some antique radios to purchase or my collection.  They were ok, but for $25 worth it.

Afterwards we headed back home so I could finish packing which earned me lunch at Du Boys.  A quick trip back to the Peanut Patch was also in order.  I just had to get more sweet/hot pepper pickles…so yummy.

My day ended by meeting my parent’s neighbor across the street, Suzanne.  Her brother was visiting and headed home a couple of days after me.  Funny thing is…he lives in Snohomish and works for Boeing.

Then it was off to bed…I needed to get an early start the next morning.