December 18th – Algodones

After going to Weight Watchers with Mom, Lois, and Betty we met Dad, Ralph, and Dennis for breakfast.  I’m so glad my parents have close friends in Yuma that they enjoy doing things with.

Mom and I decided at the last minute to head over the border for a quick trip to Algodones.  One of the things I really wanted to buy was a hammock chair.  I found one made of soft rope, but wasn’t a fan of the color.  We dug through the ones behind it and found one that I liked.

Here’s where it gets funny…I had just told Mom (before purchasing my hammock chair) that the shopping MO should always be to look around at nearly everything before buying anything.  Well, I blew it.  Shortly after buying my chair I saw another one that I liked a lot more.  I was bummed.  As we walked away, Mom and I started talking about it and then all of a sudden it hit us…the hammock chair I bought earlier wasn’t a hammock chair at all.  Turns out the guy sold us a regular hammock.  I strongly believe he knew the one I picked up was  a hammock, but he didn’t say anything.  Oh well, at least I had a reason for buying the hammock chair I liked better.  By the way…does anyone need a hammock?!?!  J

Other purchases included a chiminea, a cute handbag, a throw for my couch (I think they really considered it a tablecloth), and some rum.  Getting the chiminea back over the border was interesting.  The guys loaded the chiminea on to a dolly and let me take it through customs.  Then I had to cross back into Mexico to return the dolly.  When I went through customs again I got the same border agent.  At first I thought this might have seemed strange to her, but then again she probably sees this kind of thing all the time.

On the way home, I convinced Mom to stop at Starbucks.  I’ll admit it…I missed Starbucks when I was in Belize!

Our day ended with some grocery shopping to get stuff for my upcoming Belizean fest and photo show.

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