Creating My Own Aboriginal Art

As we headed north of Cairns, Australia towards Mossman Gorge we stopped at Janbal Gallery.  The gallery’s resident artist is Binna, who took time to explain his heritage, share his art, and then help us produce a piece of our own.  Because a tourist once took a photo of one of Binna’s art pieces and then sold the photograph, he doesn’t allow photos to be taken in his gallery…totally understandable.

I think I proved that painting isn’t my thing, when I tried encaustic painting last year.  Nonetheless, I’m always willing to “give it a go”.


Binna shared some of his aboriginal heritage and even played the didgeridoo.  He explained that the didgeridoo is all about vibrations, which meant even though Binna is deaf he can still play it very well.

Binna explaining his aboriginal heritage.
Binna playing the didgeridoo.

Our Art

My Aboriginal Art
My Aboriginal Art
All the Art
Clearly some of my fellow travelers were much more artistic.

2 Replies to “Creating My Own Aboriginal Art”

  1. I think they are beautiful. When they are all together it is very beautiful wish I had them to go on my wall.

    • I’d give you mine, but I’m starting a collection of “horrible works of art created by me”. 🙂