Being Homesick

I don’t usually get overly personal in this blog.  There is no particular reason I have chosen not to, but it’s just worked out that way.  This post is a different story.  As soon as I left Alaska (and especially my family) I’ve felt homesick.  The ferry docked yesterday (Friday the 1st of June) at 6:30 am PST.  I got home around 8:00 am and surprisingly had enough energy to unpack and go to lunch at my favorite restaurant in Monroe.

Soon after getting home from lunch, I received a sobbing phone call from my mom.  They were out halibut fishing and received a call from the Alaska State Troopers informing them that their cabin, motorhome, and several other buildings were on fire.  They had seen the smoke and wondered what was burning, but in Alaska forest fires are not uncommon and if they are in areas where homes are not in danger they watch them and let them burn.

Needless to say they pulled anchor quickly and rushed home.  By the time they got home, nearly everything was gone and The Department of Forestry was on site with more rigs and helicopters because the forest near them was in flame.  The flames were under control by 8:20 pm, but the firefighters stuck around to watch it over night.  When my parents returned this morning they were still putting out hot spots.

They lost nearly everything, but the part that is saddening them the most is the loss of their precious little dog, Misty Marie.  She’s was their baby.  The loved her so much and so did the rest of us.

I’m headed back to Alaska next weekend and hopefully the weekend after that to help with anything I can.  We may just sit around and reminisce or we may work our asses off.  Either way, I don’t care.  I just want to be close to my parents.  I thank GOD every single second that he spared their lives.

We are shaken to the core, but we will make the best of this horrible situation.  There is way too much LOVE in our family not to.

Mom and Dad – If you are reading this…I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN LIFE!!!

A HUGE thanks to…

  • The firefighters for saving what they could.  What would we do without these brave souls?
  • The paramedics for making sure my parents were ok after being shaken up by the devastation.
  • Jake and Carolyn for being there for my parents and providing a place for them to sleep.
  • Red and Mary for offering their house up for a short period of time.
  • Judy (my sister’s friend) for working late into the night and early this morning gathering clothing, toiletries, and other items.
  • And, all our other friends and family who have offered their support and prayers.  It really means a lot.

Cell Phone Photo (from Mom)

The area just beyond the small batch of trees is where the motorhome and cabin used to be.


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13 thoughts on “Being Homesick

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  3. Pam, I’m so sorry to hear of this devasting event for your family. Sending prayers to you all.

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    • Thanks Rick. I’ll feel much better when I get home this weekend.

    • Thanks Steve. Its be a rough couple days. Really don’t want to go back to work Monday.