Bald Eagle Canvas Print for Sale…Discount for You; Donation for a Charity

I have a few canvas prints left over from a show that I participated in over the summer  I want to give you the opportunity to purchase a photo at a discount…and, a donation.

I will sell each photo at a 15% discount.  In addition to that I will donate another 15% to a 503B charity of your choice.  I’ve listed a couple of suggestions below that are close to my heart due to family history.

This week it’s a shot of a bald eagle that was taken at Deep Creek near Ninilchik, Alaska.  When my mom and I went down to the beach in hopes of photographing eagles, we were welcomed by more eagles than we could have hoped for (we stopped counting when the numbers got above 50).  The wildlife photography opportunities in Alaska make we wish I still lived there.  Lucky for me…my family does so I get to visit often.

The canvas print is 40 inches wide and 28 inches high.  Here is the breakdown of the sale price, discount, and donation.

  • Original Sale Price = $390
  • Discount = $58.50
  • Donation = $58.50

So, you can have this photo for $331.50 plus shipping and handling.  If you are interested and are unsure about the shipping and handling, email me at and I’ll send you a quote.

Suggested Charities:

or, 503B charity of your choice.


Bald Eagle at Deep Creek Alaska

Canvas Hanging on my Wall

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