Ashland Lakes

Today my friend and I hiked the Ashland Lakes trail.  Despite the endless torture of mosquitoes, for which were ill prepared for, this was still one of my all time favorite hikes.

The trail-head parking lot was easy to find, but the trail-head itself was a bit hidden within the trees.  The trail started out wide and easy and then gradually narrowed and got more difficult.  There were planks over part of the trail due to the marsh and even some natural steps in other areas.  Over-all the hike was fairly easy with only a few steep grades.  Although there are signs at trail intersections, they are worn so it take a minute to read them.  We actually pickup up the sign marking Upper Ashland Lake and propped it back up.

Washington State Discover Pass required.

For more information check it out at


Bridge over Creek Stairs Stepping Logs Sketchy Bridge at Lower Ashland Lake Planks over Marsh Rustic Trail

Upper Ashland Lake

Upper Ashland Lake Sign Upper Ashland Lake

Lower Ashland Lake

Lower Ashland LakeWhat’s your favorite hike?  What do you love about it?