Arriving in Hopkins Belize

Today we arrived in Hopkins about mid day after a very enjoyable ride with Danielia.  Just like San Ignacio it’s been raining like heck here which is not common for this time of year.  The locals are getting a bit stir-crazy and my guess is that the tourists are not very happy about it either.  The water is very murky.  The skies have cleared a little tonight (first sight of stars since arriving in Belize), so we are hopeful that the nice weather will come tomorrow.  Today we darted around the village a bit with some family friends that live here part time.  And tomorrow, we are going to rent a golf cart to get a feel for the place before deciding what the main event will be for Sunday.  I’m hoping for snorkeling, but given the weather lately we’re not sure that will be possible so we are keeping all options open…maybe another Mayan ruin or Cockscomb Basin.

We found some time to stop by Hopkins library today (actually named Miss Bertie’s Library).  We met Kim, a Peace Corp worker, and Miss T.  It was nice to get a history of the library and the struggles it has gone through to stay open since 2008.  The types of books they need the most are younger picture books and books about animals for slightly older children.  When I get home I’m going to put together a box of books to send to them.  If any of my local friends are interested in donating gently used books let me know.  I can’t afford to send too many, but I of course don’t have children’s books (but Goodwill is just down the street from me).  There are specific mailing instructions so that they can avoid duty, so if anyone else is interested post a comment on this blog post and I’ll send you the details that Kim gave to me.

Other than that, we tried to see the Garifuna drummers today but they weren’t playing.  Hopefully we’ll see them tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Plans:  Golf carting around Hopkins.

5 thoughts on “Arriving in Hopkins Belize

  1. Fantastic Pam, You have done a great job at posting your trip. But I’ll be glad for your Mother to be home.

  2. Pam, the running log is great for picturing your expierences. Rain doesn’t seem to bother you with all the alternatives available. Been thinking about both of you.
    Betty Jean

    • Thanks Betty…we had a blast and the rain didn’t stop us once. Although we did love the sunshine once it appeared.

  3. Really enjoying the posts Pam – I look forward to them everyday! Keep up the great work!