Adventure Doesn’t Always Have To Be Risky

I do not consider myself an artsy person, so I surprised myself when I decided to take advantage of a recent Living Social deal.  What was I about to do?  Pottery…and not just the “paint a pot” kind of pottery…it was a “use a pottery wheel” kind of pottery.  Luckily one of my friends was eager to go with me.


During our first visit, we made our pots and used tools to decorate them.

My Two Bowls

My Large Bowl with DecorationsMy Small Bowl with Decorations


During our second visit, we added the glaze.  My glazing was not very consistent on my green pot, but I still liked it a lot (see the finished product below).

Glazing 2Glazing 1

Finished Product

Finished Pots 2Finished Pots 1I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not…turns out  I LOVED IT!  I will definitely keep my eyes open for another amazing pottery deal.  In the meantime, my friend and I purchased Living Social deals for a painting class…this one really scares me.

We can’t go wrong if we continue challenging ourselves…right?.  What have you done lately?  Adventure?  Arts and crafts?

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