Vacation Purchases

I’ve had fun doing some of the prep work for my extended vacation.  The most fun comes from the purchases.  Here are a few of my recent vacation purchases.

Teva Sandals – I was so excited to find a pair of sandals that could be used for casual and dressy.  They are so cute.  I love them.  Teva is one of my favorite brands.  Because of all my knee surgeries I just can’t wear sandals without support any longer.  Teva’s don’t have a ton of support, but they have just enough to make wearing them so much more comfortable.  And, my new pair is a style that I’ve never seen before.  I got the walnut (pink) color.

Teva Hiking Shoes – I just got these and haven’t used them yet, but knowing how much I’ve loved every single pair of Tevas I’ve ever bought I have no doubt they will be fantastic.  And of course, they look great.  I got the leaf green color.

Asolo Travel Pack – What an amazing purchase.  I found this pack online first, but then tried to find similar packs at REI with no luck.  I was a bit leery of purchasing it online without seeing it, but I just couldn’t seem to find anything else I liked.  Now that I have it, I absolutely love it!  It’s a large travel pack or it can easily be converted to a duffle bag.  It also has a day back and hip pack that can zip off and be used on their own.  It has more pockets then I know what to do with, including one just for hiking boots (I think all my shoes will fit in that pocket).  I can’t wait to pack it up and use it.  I think I’ll take it on the 3-Day so I can try it out before the big trip.  I got the evergreen color.

Olympus Waterproof Camera – This one took a bit more research.  I knew I wanted a waterproof camera for my trip, but I didn’t know anything about them.  I’m sure glad I did the research.  I found that even though the prices have come down, most of the waterproof cameras are only good 10-16 feet.  For the most part, that might be enough.  But I’m still undecided about whether or not I’ll be going scuba diving in Belize.  Fortunately I found one that is safe to 33 feet.  It’s also shockproof for up to a six foot drop.  Honestly I’m a complete klutz so this is a great feature.

After my trip, I’ll do a quick review of these items.  I’m excited to try them out and I’m convinced they’ll be purchases worth their price.