TSA PreCheck

Part of the benefits of my Global Entry Card is access to the TSA Precheck program.  This program is available at selected airports for selected airlines.  At the selected airports, there is a special screening line for TSA Precheck participants.  In these lines, participants get to leave their shoes, light jackets, and belts on.  They also don’t have to remove laptops or liquids from their bags.

For people who travel, but do not travel internationally enough to make the Global Entry Program worthwhile this program may make the most sense.  I got the Global Entry Card, so I didn’t walk through the application/interview process for TSA Precheck.  It sounds similar based on the information I found on their site:

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. Go to the enrollment center and provide finger prints.

The cost is $85 for five years.  Because this is a screening only benefit a passport is not required.

It really paid off for me to read the information that was provided with my new passport.  I personally wasn’t aware of either of these amazing programs.

Were you aware of the TSA Precheck program?  Do you participate?  What has your experience been like?

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