The Bears of All Bears

Remember when I couldn’t believe I saw black bears along the highway?  And, remember how cute the grizzly sow and cubs were?

Well today I had quite a treat while traveling the Klondike Highway.  Nope, I didn’t run into anyone rushing to stake their Klondike Gold Claim.  I came across not one, but two grizzly bears chomping on the side of the highway.  The first was enjoying the yummy dandelions and the second one was having grass for breakfast.  The photos say it all.

Dandelion Eating Grizzly




Grass Eating Grizzly



Grizzlies up Close

Don’t they look so cute and cuddly?  I just love their ears.

Grizzly Up Close

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5 thoughts on “The Bears of All Bears

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  2. Incredible photos Pam! We’ve really enjoyed reading about your trip…

    • Thanks Barb. I catch the ferry home this afternoon. I hope I get to see some humpbacks and orcas up close. Might make me a little less sad about loosing my photos of the Kenai Fjords. I also lost some photos of a new born bison (momma was still cleaning him up).

    • Those photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

      I was in my car, so it wasn’t too scary until one of them started walking right up to my car. My dog wasn’t very happy about it.