Telling Time

It’s Friday which means it’s time for #FriFotos on Twitter.  This week’s theme is Time/Clocks.  I was stumped when I heard this.  Then I remembered a fun assignment I once did for a photography class.  I decided to replicate the assignment and add some fun editing to make it a bit more interesting.

To get the original photo I used f5.6 aperture and six second shutter speed while zooming in on the clock.  I used Photoshop Elements for all of the edits.

Original Photo

Clock No Edit

Auto Smart fix

Clock Auto Smart Fix

Fresco Filter

Clock Fresco

Poster Edge Filter

Clock Poster Edges

Plastic Wrap Filter

Clock Plastic Wrap

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5 thoughts on “Telling Time

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    • I agree. I’m not sure why I like something so simple, but I find the effect interesting.