Northwest Trek

Bull Moose

I’ve written about Northwest Trek before.  It’s a great wildlife park in which the animals roam free (at least the herbivores and omnivores) and the humans are escorted through the park via a tram.  I much prefer this option over Continue reading Northwest Trek

Photo Essay: Denali National Park


While Mount McKinley hid beneath a thick layer clouds during my visit to Denali National Park, I was still afforded amazing photographic opportunities.  I thought I would share some in this post. Park Entrance Landscapes Wildlife Environment    

Wildlife in Downtown Bellevue – The Mercer Slough

Turtles on Log

I didn’t go hiking this weekend, unless you count another failed attempt to get a sunrise photos, but I did run into the office to get a file and that turned into quite an adventure. It started out nearly disastrous.  I’ll Continue reading Wildlife in Downtown Bellevue – The Mercer Slough