Australia Adventures

Australia Tour Map

Sometime between day 42 and 44, I’ll be traveling between Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.  I should end up with a free day in Sydney prior to starting my next G Adventure.  Click here to see all the amazing Continue reading Australia Adventures

New Zealand Adventures

New Zealand Tour Map

I arrive in Auckland on my 18th day and have no set plans until my G Adventure trip starts the next day.  Click here to see all the amazing details of this 24 day tour of both the North and Continue reading New Zealand Adventures

Belize Adventures

Belize From The Air

I’m starting my trip in Belize.  Yes, I know…I’ve already been there twice in the last couple of years.  But, I love Belize.  Taking the first couple weeks of my trip to unwind from work in a place I’m comfortable Continue reading Belize Adventures

Why I Use TripAdvisor for Trip Research

TripAdvisor Trip Planning Alerts

I’ve heard a bit of controversy over the use of TripAdvisor, so I’d like to take the opportunity to explain why I use them when researching my trips.  The most important thing to remember about any trip research tool is Continue reading Why I Use TripAdvisor for Trip Research