Spring Flowers of Waiheke


As I walked around Waiheke Island I couldn’t help but the similarities and differences between Washington State.  A lot of the spring flowers were the same, but some of the blooms were monsters.  I saw the biggest calla lilies of Continue reading Spring Flowers of Waiheke

Spring has Sprung

Spring at Luther Burbank Park

A week ago it snowed for the first time in Western Washington and today it was 64 degrees.  That is how Spring works here.  This photo was taken the day after our snowfall.  Since then blossoms have been popping up Continue reading Spring has Sprung

Kite Boarding at Juanita Beach

Kite Boarder #4 (low res)

This time of year Mother Nature is a bit bipolar in Western Washington.  Case in point… Yesterday during the day we had some decent weather then around 8pm it tried to snow (we’ve yet to have any snow stick this Continue reading Kite Boarding at Juanita Beach

Spring in Western Washington…Kind Of


It’s Friday again and that means FriFotos on Twitter.  This week’s theme is appropriately SPRING.  We’ve been a bit short on spring in Western Washington so far, but I still managed to capture a couple of photos that I feel Continue reading Spring in Western Washington…Kind Of