2012 Week #35

Yellow Finch

After snorkeling at Shark Alley near San Cristobal, our Intrepid tour of the Galapagos took us to a beach for some relaxation and lunch.  In reality…we  needed to warm up after the chilling snorkeling we’d just done.  These curious little Continue reading 2012 Week #35

Sea Lion Encounters


One of the first things we learned from our Intrepid guide, when we arrived on San Cristobal, was the difference between Seals and Sea Lions.  He also promised punishment for anyone who called them Seals instead of Sea Lions.  🙂 Continue reading Sea Lion Encounters

Getting to the Galapagos

Getting Ready to Land in San Cristobal

Our tour with Intrepid officially started yesterday with a city tour of Quito, Ecuador but today we stepped foot on our first island in the Galapagos…San Cristobal. The day started fairly early with a 5:00 am wake-up call so that Continue reading Getting to the Galapagos