Star Gazing in Queenstown

Stars and Queenstown.

I happened across a star gazing tour while visiting Skyline in Queenstown.  It wasn’t something I had planned on doing, but it may have been the highlight for the three days I was there.  Queenstown is known as the adventure Continue reading Star Gazing in Queenstown

Chairs in Hopkins, Belize

Chairs at Night

I’ve been pretty inconsistent about Friday Photos on Twitter (#FriFotos), but this week’s theme is “chairs” and since I just love this photo I took in Hopkins, Belize I wanted to share it.  This photo was taken in total darkness Continue reading Chairs in Hopkins, Belize

2012 Week #18

Pre Moonrise at Bob Herman Wildlife Preserve

The big news this weekend was the Super Moon. Well, the Super Moon wasn’t so super. It was beautiful, but because it was so dark the photos were not worthy. It’s a shame the sunset before the moon rose, otherwise Continue reading 2012 Week #18