Stormy Morning

Good call Raggamuffin…postponing the trip was the absolute right thing to do.  You won’t find another company more concerned about the safety and comfort of their passengers.

We were supposed to start a 3-day sailing, snorkeling, and camping trip Tuesday morning.  Unfortunately a storm was due to roll in today, so they postponed the trip until Thursday.  The postponement really worked well for me since I spent all day yesterday nursing a very, very upset stomach.  And then, last night the storm moved it.  Had the trip progressed as planned, we would have been setting our tent up in the pouring rain and enduring constant wind all night long.  I’m certain the tents would have had trouble holding up against these winds.  Even the hotel we are staying in shook all night.

Here is the view from our room…notice the palm trees???  It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the water is fairly choppy as well.

Stormy Morning

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