Stand-up Paddle Boarding in Raglan

I love to stand-up paddle board.  I’m so glad my friend Barb suggested it a couple of years ago in Mexico.  Since then, I’ve done it several times.  Raglan was a bit different as we were fighting both an outgoing tide and a current.  I still loved it.

I was pretty exhausted from learning to surf earlier in the day, but I was still up for it.  We had our own guide, Donald, for two of us so he was able to give me some pointers.  I learned how to sharply turn a full circle, which trust me sounds much easier than it is.

It didn’t hurt that the day was amazing…great temperature, nice breeze…I can’t think of one thing that would have made it better.

Learning a Quick/Tight Turn
Learning a quick/tight turn. I know it doesn’t look like much in a photo.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Donald with his amazing surfer dude car. His character matched his career/car perfectly.

Contact Information

Donald – Surf Skills (he also does rentals, repairs, and surf lessons)

Phone:  0210 366 252

Address:  3 Te Hatewai Rd – Raglan, New Zealand

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